Saturday, August 29, 2015

DEER Me!!!

Deer in the foreground is a buck. So is the one in the middle between the two in the background. There are others in the dark. Should be able to fill the freezer up this hunting season.

I counted at least 4 points on just the left rack. This one has my name on it.

Friday, April 3, 2015

First Day of School

At 3 weeks old, time for their first class, which is being held outdoors.

Angel, our rooster, can't wait for the peeps to grow up! You should have seen Angel chasing Karen around last weekend! He saw this new, big hen that he had to put into his pecking order, which he did. She was scared silly!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Jeepers Peepers!!!

13 of the cutest fluff balls you've ever seen!
There are 2 Cornish Rock, 2 Bantams (very small breed), 2 Leghorns, 2 Barred Plymouth Rocks, 3 Golden Sex Links, and 2 Dixie Rainbows.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Raised Beds

Because the ground stays so wet, we decided to garden in raised beds. The tractor tires are free from a tire dealer just a couple miles down the road. I planted an Asian persimmon today. Have one more to transplant in the other tire. There are two more tires in which I'll plant fig trees.

This is the raised bed constructed with cinder blocks and cedar lumber. It measures about 4 feet in width by 16 feet in length. The cost of the materials for just this one bed ran about $90. We need at least 7 more of these. Don't think I want to pay $630 more for all that work. So, I think I'll collect more of the free tractor tires and use them instead. I can probably find larger diameter tires and cut the side walls out to increase the planting area in each tire. I may construct 2 more of the long brick beds just for those veggies that grow better in rows.

Earlier this year, I tilled and raked the garden area before planting grass seed. The lawn now holds the sandy ground together (before, one would sink down past their ankles after any appreciable amount of rain) and should soak up a lot of the water that is trapped in the soil. Gardening should be much easier this year. Since constructing the 12-foot high fence, no deer have gotten in. I'll have to put up an electric wire at the base of the fence to keep the groundhogs, rabbits, and racoons out.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hot Tub Fun is on the Way!

Got the framing for the concrete pad installed yesterday.

Concrete was poured today. Once the concrete has cured, I'll knock off the frame and build a boardwalk around three sides. I plan to put a showerhead down low for washing our feet before getting into the hot tub that will be delivered in about two weeks.

After 2 days of curing, I took the frame off. The hot tub will cover all but a fraction of an inch on all sides. Yesterday, I re-routed a power line from the old electric water heater through the foundation and connected it to a waterproof outlet. I am ready to relax. Ben is going to love this - he remembers every cabin and beach house we've stayed at that had a hot tub. He especially liked the A-frame cabin we stayed at in the mountains during a snow storm. Our hair would freeze stiff as we enjoyed the snow falling that night. Now, we will be able to enjoy the stars over our heads and snowy times, anytime and all the time.
Tub will be delivered on June 2nd.



Thursday, May 8, 2014

Feeling a Little Blue?

Caught my limit (15) of bluefish on Tuesday. Best fishing trip to the beach I've ever had. Fished off the Bogue Inlet pier from about noon until 5:00. Ate several fillets yesterday. Fried them in a pan. Best fish I've had in years.